Did the Ukrainians shoot down flight MH17?


In the mainstream media there never was any competition between theories about the causes of the disaster with flight MH17 of Malaysian Airways . The official story claims ¨separatists¨ made a fatal mistake. Nevertheless there are some serious leads that point to Ukrainian involvement. Ironically it is the Ukrainian secret service itself that puts us on track.

 Updated with more information: 24.11.2016
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Myth of the “fatal mistake”: how the MH17 infowar started

foto 16, strelkov

Within a few hours after the crash of flight MH17 the Ukrainian secret service issued a nicely edited video with ¨confessions¨ of anti-Kiev rebels to support the propulsion of the ¨meme¨ they shot down the plane by mistake (see: this blog here ).

The origin of this idea emanated from a deleted message issued on the website Strelkov_info, a pro-seperatist newssite dedicated to the fights in the Donbass region. Constructing a suggestive narrative based on a few false assumptions concerning the origin and content of this posting, the Ukrainians started a full blown Infowar blaming the rebels.


In June 2016 I also wrote a social media analysis against new accusations, issued by Catherine Fitzpatrick in The Interpreter. See here: Old story fails, but Strelkov did it anyway

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