The relation between lies, disinformation and ever changing stories: The Ukrainians

Some people say lying, promoting disinformation and publication of mystifying scenarios with all kinds of versions of the truth is a sign of guilt… especially when the Russians are concerned. But what did the Ukrainian regime or people close to them exactly do the first days after MH17 was downed?

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Dating the undated “evidence” and showing a broken trail– the Snizhne Buk video


snizhne video still

Researching alleged evidence about a possible weapon and crime scene regarding the downing of flight MH17 as gathered from social media postings, it becomes clear the standing narrative – also pursued by the official investigators office – shows severe difficulties. Trying to verify the date of a video of a Buk missile launch system, allegedly driving from the rebel held Ukrainian city of Snizhne towards an alleged launch site southwards, sheds light on the way dots of information were suggestively interpreted and connected.

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